Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Failure Is Another Word For Experience...Or Death

The performance of our level 1 characters was shameful. Truly embarrassing. But I think that we can use it as a learning experience.

First of all, building characters on-site is a crappy way to start. There are too many things to check, and too few books for everyone to do all the work they have to do. Also, we end up starting late and having less time to actually play the game.

Second, we need remedial tactics training. Lesson One: Don't split up your forces. Lesson Two: Don't be afraid to take an 8 hour rest. Lesson Three: Don't walk into an obvious trap; let the thief scout things out.

Next time, we'll have our characters built in advance, and I hope we won't have anyone decide that they're opposed to the party for no good reason.

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