Monday, February 9, 2009

Costagauna on Obsidian Portal

Our first RPG to appear on Obsidian Portal is up now, and here it is. There are still a lot of red links, but I think this can be a genuinely useful tool for keeping track of various proper nouns, usually trouble for an RPG.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I've never heard of the logistical problems of RPGs described like that, but I like it.

"Tracking proper nouns" pretty much sums up exactly why I started building Obsidian Portal way back when. I'm always glad when I see that someone gets what we're trying to do.

Welcome to the site!

Carsonist said...

I was thinking of this DM of the rings when I noted the problem with proper nouns:

The comment after the comic is a bit too accurate for comfort.