Friday, November 14, 2008


When we left the crew of the blue steel
they were on a hutt planet
participating in a grand arena tournament.

Rodrigo Ferrara and the Trandoshin hope
to be the proud owners of a shiny new ewok...

7:16 Duh da da da duh da duh da da duh da da daaaa

7:23 Da duh da da da da duh da daaa

7:34 Let get ready to ruuummbbbllleeee!!!!

7:59 Only 10 people remain in the arena including Risin and Rodrigo and 3 1337 npcs.

8:13 The pansy blaster man is gutted.

8:29 Knife man dies while trying to live. Isn't that how it always is?

8:32 The kung fu guy pounds Risin. Rodrigo suggests DPing him.

8:37 Apparently it is Rodrigo's destiny to win this so he crits all over the kung fu guy. It is the GM's destiny to screw over the players and the guy doesn't die. After a final spite attack the last uber guy dies.

8:40 Rodrigo and Risen agree to a duel to the pain to find the winner. Risen sucker punches Rodrigo with a sith blade, but Rodrigo pwns him.

8:42 Risen spends a force point to stabilize the GM.

8:45 Rodrigo is awarded with a brand new ewok. A worthy prize that 50 people died to get. This is now the third character that Rodrigo owns. First he built the evil Vincente von Go-Bot, then he bid on the the slave Trandoshin and now he won the Ewok.

8:51 After returning to the blue steel the crew is offered an invitation to the hutt's ball. Quincy plans on courting the hutt's daughter.

8:56 The real prize of this tournament is from betting. Betting 250000 nets the crew 2 million credits. A plan is quickly hatched to outfit the crew's star destroyer into a casino and then subjugate and loot planets. Kind of like reverse Indians.

9:15 The crew is introduced to the ewok, they are unaware of the terrible evil that lurks inside and agree to let him follow as they travel the galaxy. The ewok is armed to the teeth and proceeds to pwn some cups.

9:33 Party Time. Failed plans of attack:

Bribe the hutt
Bribe the hutt, then find where he keeps his money and take it
Dress the ewok with a collar and a gold bra
Hire the hot cops
Hire hot sailors
Hire hot seam....

9:55 At the party, the crew of the blue steel and the hutt trade thinly veiled death threats.

10:14 Desert time. Rodrigo and Quincy pitch the floating casino idea to the hutt in hopes of attracting investments.

10:25 A debate about the most poisonous creature erupts.

10:27 The most dangerous creature debate continues.

10:34 The party leaves. Entirely without incident. Apparently there was some awesome dungeon with a kick ass rancor in it all planned out. However, the crew of the blue steal would rather have the hutt invest in their future casino.

10:43 Quincy's mom contacts the crew and suggests that Bella the hutt might fund the casino if they kill Bonda the hutt. Also, Niev's mother is getting married to a moff. So many plot hooks, will the PC's be tricked into following the plot?

11:00 Meanwhile at Narshada.... The party arrives at Bella the hutt's office.
"You could say our idea isn't much of a gamble..."
"You already said it was a Casino"
"oh, damn, really?"

11:10 The plot quickly resembles "the Godfather" as the party decides to kill Bonda's rancor and leave it's head in his bed.

11:23 Debate about how Jedi can do anything another class can do better.

11:24 Debate ends.

11:31 Will there ever be a black James Bond?

11:34 The party sneaks into Bonda's compound. Will they be able to carry the rancor's head? Wait, jedi can lift stuff way better than the strongest person.

11:45 A couple guards are conned into thinking the party is midnight electrical repairmen. Cue cheesy porno music. Rodrigo coup de graces the rancor. All hell breaks loose.

12:13 Rancor's are pretty bad. The crew dispatches the Rancor quickly and leaves it's head on Bonda's dining table.

12:16 Finally, the crew of the blue steel picks up their finely tailored suits. But declines to go show them off at the wedding. Now to set up that casino...

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