Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life On Slave 9

It's good to have returned to our secret planet in Star Wars. You may not have seen my little side-adventure to make sure that everything is going alright:

Scene: Robots and Humans scurry around a factory floor. When they see Rorron enter, the pace quickens.

Rorron: You, Robot.

Robot: Yes, Master Jedi?

Rorron: What do you do here?

Robot: I beat slaves into submission, sir.

Rorron: I see. Withdraws a pocket watch and begins to time. Beat a slave for me.

The Robot hurriedly beats a slave.

Rorron: Good. But I see that you have only beaten six slaves, even though you have been working for the entire morning.

The Robot is taken out and shot.

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